A full revenue cycle management company. Specializing in home infusion and specialty pharmacy reimbursement services. Put an end to inexperience, frustration and high turnover rates today and get the reimbursement team you deserve.


Peace of Mind

As your revenue cycle management team you can be assured we handle our business with the utmost integrity.  We take no short-cuts.  We value the work that we do.  We understand the work requires detail, organization and follow through.  

Solutions Driven RCM

Our team is solutions driven.  Which means we proactively seek solutions to qualify patients for service, improve cash flow, and reduce bad debt.  From start to finish we are engaged to get you the highest reimbursement possible for the services you are providing. 

Strong relationships

We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients, their staff and patients.  For us, it's just more than business.  We believe in supporting our clients, with the right people in place who are knowledgeable and committed to doing the work. 

“ For 20 years I have enjoyed building strong relationships with our clients in the Home Infusion and Specialty Pharmacy industry. Our team understands the frustration providers face with keeping up with changing legislation, finding quality reimbursement staff, and creating an effective reimbursement team. That is exactly what we have built at PRI, a team who is dedicated, skilled and fully vested in being your dream reimbursement team.

Telanna Jeffers, Owner

What Sets Us Apart

While we understand we may not be the largest reimbursement company to service the home infusion industry we do know for over 30 years we have built the best relationships with our clients and the patients they serve everyday. 

How We Compare

Our team's commitment to getting the job done accurately and in a timely manner is our number one priority.  You can count on your dedicated reimbursement analyst to always know the status of every patient on service. 

“ I don’t know where we’d be operationally if it weren’t for the PRI team.  They verify insurance coverage quickly and accurately, and then file and follow up on our claims transmission promptly.

J. Ewancio