“Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”  ― Joshua J Marine

Home infusion reimbursement is constantly plagued by a decline in reimbursement and an increase in insurance bureaucracy.  Having the right strategies in place can lessen the burden significantly.  Professional Reimbursement Inc., over the last 28 years has specialized in addressing these home infusion reimbursement issues and we know during the next 20 years, EXPERIENCE WILL MATTER.

So what’s your challenge?

Staff turnover?

Training and keeping staff up to date with a demanding home infusion and specialty pharmacy industry can be a task within itself.  Not everyone will have the fortitude or desire to increase their knowledge to excel in an intake or reimbursement role. 


Write-offs will quickly grow when missed authorizations and re-authorizations are not adequately processed. 

Accounts receivable out of control?

Staff shortcomings can quickly spiral out of control and cause your aging to be neglected causing thousands of dollars to fall by the wayside.  

Denial Management?

Billing maybe going out quickly, but if it is going out incorrectly denial can be an overwhelming task.  

Appeals Process?

Making a case for your home infusion claim is everything and takes skill.  Coding a claim and the level of experience it takes to collect on a claim are two separate things?